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Access Your Own Records on the Patient Portal 

You can access all non-sensitive records from any MTF through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.
If you received medical care at an MTF(s) prior to their transition to the MHS GENESIS Electronic Health Record, these records can be obtained through TRICARE Online or by filling out a DD Form 2870 request. For the 27th Special Operations Medical Group, that date is April 24, 2021. If the care occurred at an MTF using MHS GENESIS, your records will be in that patient portal, under the Health Library tab.

PCS, In- and Out-Processing, Separating, and Retiring

Before PCS’ing, retiring, or separating, two copies of orders must be turned in to the 27th SOMDG TOPA.
If you are retiring or separating, you are entitled to two copies of your medical records; they may be given to members on a CD. Duplicate requests of a medical record may be subject to fees. Contact Release of Information for more details.
Once we receive a copy of your PCS orders, we’ll ship your hard copy medical record, if applicable, during the month of your RNLTD. If your gaining base has not received your hard copy record one month after your RNLTD, contact 27th SOMDG medical records right away.
*You cannot be signed from virtual until five duty days before your final out*

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)

After retirement/separation, your records are sent to the National Archives, and can be requested by following instructions on the NPRC Website.
  1. Information about how to request medical health records from when you were in the service are at Veterans' Medical and Health Records | National Archives. If you were in the service and are requesting records with your physician within one to two years after discharge, contact medical records for guidance.
  2. Information on how to request military retirees and dependents are found at If you were seen at a military treatment facility within the last two years, contact medical records for guidance.
  3. Information about how to request records from an inpatient stay are at Clinical (Hospital Inpatient) Records for former Active Duty Personnel | National Archives. If you were an inpatient within the last year, contact medical records for guidance.

Records Requests

You may request a copy of your most recent medical records by using a DD Form 2870, Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information.
  1. DD Form 2870 may be submitted in person at the 27th SOMDG TOPA. If you are on flying status you will turn your request in to Flight Medicine.
  2. The release of information process may take up to 30 business days. Once medical records are ready to be mailed/picked up, we will give you a call.
If you need to request/send copies of your records from an off-base clinic, you may send us the completed DD Form 2870 to send to the off-base clinic of your choosing.
  1. Ensure off-base clinic’s fax number and mailing address are provided.
  2. DD Form 2870 may be submitted in person at the 27th SOMDG TOPA.
* You may also request records from the 27th SOMDG through the clinic of your choice *

How someone else can request medical records on your behalf

If you are 18 years of age or older, and would like someone else to request a copy of your medical records, you must have an up to date power of attorney and must provide it at the time of request.
  1. If your child is under the age of 18, you do not need a power of attorney.
  2. If you completed the DD Form 2870 for your own records and are having someone else pick them up, make sure that person’s name is listed in Box A.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to pay for my records?
    • No, you are allowed one free request of your medical records within a 12-month time frame. If you request copies multiple times within a 12-month time frame, applicable charges will be applied. (Please contact the ROI office for the most up to date charge costs)
  2. Do I need a copy for the VA if I am separating/retiring?
    • Yes! If you are separating/retiring, you will need to request two discs; one for the VA and one for yourself.
  3. How do I get a copy of my radiology/CT images?
    • If the images were done off-base, make sure they were sent to the base. Contact the radiology department to request imaging. ROI will only be able to provide the reports.

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